Articles and Additional Information About Tax Incentives

ABGi First to the Facts on FDII

The new export tax incentive reflected in the FDII regime is “platformed” on two previous tax incentives: (i) the FSC/DISC regime and (ii) Section 199. We have spent the past two decades workin...


R&D and the Food & Beverage Industry: THE Recipe for Success

What many food manufacturers might not realize is there is a mechanism in place to reward and encourage this innovation.


Visiativ expands its Consulting business in the UK by acquiring Jumpstart

ABGI Group, an international innovation management and financing consultancy firm and a subsidiary of Visiativ, today announces the closing of its acquisition of a majority stake in Jumpstart.


IRS Takes on research and experimentation (R&E) credit

This paper describes and analyzes one prominent tax expenditure, the research and experimentation (R&E) credit, which encourages businesses to increase investment in research activities.


U.S. Tax Reform – Research and Development Tax Credit

Learn the impact of the new Tax Bill on your R&D Credit as well as other specialized areas.


A Comparison of the “Big 4” and ABGI USA

The “Big 4” Accounting firms also provide R&D services, but are they really worth the potential cost?


Imagine: More Capital for Innovation

Despite being a 37 year old tax credit, the R&D Tax Credit is dramatically underutilized by today’s businesses and individuals.



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