The Worldwide Industry Leader in R&D Tax Credits

As the R&D Tax Credit has expanded and now become permanent, there are more potential service providers than ever before.

ABGi is the industry leader, and the best choice, for the following reasons:


Over 35 Years of Experience

Founded in 1985, ABGi has been working in the R&D Tax Credit industry since the beginning. As a result, we have followed the changes to the IRS Code, Regulations, and Case Law, to generate the highest benefits for years.


Impeccable Reputation

ABGi values its professional reputation as its greatest asset. This includes our dealings with the IRS, our strong CPA relationships, and most importantly, our tremendously valued clients.


International Presence

ABGi performs R&D Tax Credit Services worldwide from our regional headquarters in France, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. As a result, ABGi’s international reach can assure you that your R&D claim is fully maximized worldwide.


USA Retention Rate of 98%

Since our inception, ABGi has sustained 98% of every dollar ever claimed for our clients in the USA.


Multidisciplinary Teams

ABGi's team of experts come from technical backgrounds to work with your organization as efficiently as possible. An industry specific program manager will always be assigned to you to minimize your staff’s involvement and ensure the smoothest credit experience.


Business Component Approach

ABGi takes a business component approach to the R&D Tax Credit Study, while providing the Nexus required for IRS reporting. As a result, the R&D Study is not nearly as labor intensive as other project-based approaches, yet it still exceeds all IRS reporting requirements.


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