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Manufacturing & Fabrication


Manufacturing and the Research & Development Tax Credit


The manufacturing industry involves the development and testing of new products and processes that meet specific customer requirements.  The technical challenges that occur throughout this process, often satisfy the requirements for claiming the benefits allowed by the R&D Tax Credit.

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Examples of Qualified R&D Activities


    • Design and fabrication of specialized tooling and fixturing for use in the manufacturing process
    • Design and fabrication of specialized molds and dies for use in the manufacturing process
    • Development of CNC programming required to manufacture the product
    • Conducting and evaluating the results of the first article or sample test runs
    • Improvements to the manufacturing process to facilitate full scale up of production
    • Integration of new equipment into the process to ensure the performance and functionality of the manufacturing process is acheived
    • Developing the most effective method and machinery needed for the casting, forming, machining, finishing or coating the product