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Our History

With over 30 years of expertise 


We provide expert tax consulting on a multitude of specialized tax incentives such as the Research & Development tax credit, the Section 179D tax deduction, and Cost Segregation. ABGi is here to provide you the highest level of service while adding value back into your company.


Our team is composed of multi-talented women and men including engineers, lawyers, tax specialists, strategy experts, etc.


As a subsidiary of the ABGi Group, we are proud to have an international presence in the United States, Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, that support companies of all sizes, regardless of their business sector.

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Our expertise and our international presence are a proof of value for the entire ABGi ecosystem.


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Our history

Founded in 1990 by an entrepreneur from Lyon and developed by his collaborators for more than 30 years, our firm, a precursor in the innovation financing market, has been accelerating strongly since 2015 and has established itself as unique player in this international market.


Founded in 1990, Acies Consulting Group, a forerunner in the innovation financing market, quickly established itself as the leading player in this market.

2015 to 2017
“New Deal”

After several years of market reconfiguration, Acies Consulting Group, with the impact of a new management team, has drawn up an ambitious new strategic plan, a real New Deal based on three major areas :

  • Adjustment of its production capacities to the market context ;
  • Repositioning on the market, in particular SME ;
  • Internationalization of our activities.

The firm implements its internationalization plan with the acquisition of BGI, an R&D financing consultancy based in the United States and Inventa, based in Brazil, and opens an office in Canada. Acies Consulting Group then becomes ABGi Group and positions itself as a pure player in research and innovation financing in France and internationally.

  • ABGi Group, with the support and investment of its entire management committee, is acquired by Visiativ. A strategic merger, serving a singular ambition in our market :
  • To address all market segments ;
  • Exploit the potential of new technologies by leveraging technological expertise ;
  • Benefit from the solidity and execution strength of the group to serve our growth options.
2019 to 2021

In 2019, ABGi continues its international momentum with the acquisition of Jumpstart and MSC Associate in the United Kingdom, followed by IFTC in Northern Ireland in early 2021.

In 2021, strengthens its position overseas, with the acquisition of IFTC in Northern Ireland, and establishes itself in Germany, through a J.V with the pioneer and reference player in innovation financing in Germany, Partner für Innovation & Förderung (PFIF).

Diversification and Digitalization 

ABGi continues its acceleration and accompanies the CATALYST plan. A movement orchestrated around 3 axes :

  • Enrichment of the offers on financing and taxation of innovation (Grants and Patent Box) ;
  • Development of the Resources and Services ;
  • Digitalization of operational processes ;
  • This period will also be an opportunity to deploy the ABGI consulting platform, the collaborative interface for innovation missions.