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Agriculture and the Research & Development Tax Credit

The agriculture industry is often overlooked when evaluating eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit. However, farms today are typically operating subject to razor thin profit margins and are consistently evaluating ways to increase crop yield and their bottom line.

The costs associated with these efforts can often be recouped through the R&D Tax Credit. ABGi has significant experience in the agriculture industry which allows us to maximize the R&D Tax Credit you are entitled to while minimizing the time needed from your business.

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Examples of Qualified R&D Activities


  • Evaluation of different tilling techniques or methods to improve crop hardiness and crop yield.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of different fertilizers or soil amendments to increase crop yield and protect crops from disease.
  • Implementation and evaluation of alternative crop rotation plans.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative chemicals or soil amendments to improve pest control.
  • Implementation of test plots to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative growing plans.
  • Evaluation of different irrigation methods or techniques.
  • Implementation and evaluation of improvements in harvesting techniques or equipment