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Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering and the Research & Development Tax Credit


The R&D Tax Credit recognizes engineering as a hard science along with chemistry, biology and physics. Additionally, many engineering firms do not realize they are engaging in R&D activities on a daily basis. Typically, engineers encounter complex issues, evaluate various solutions, and solve problems through an iterative design process.

The R&D Tax Credit provides an incentive for this process. Whether firms provide Civil, Structural, or MEP engineering services, there is a high probability that they will have qualifying activities.

Examples of Qualified R&D Activities 


    • Developing designs for new or improved transportation infrastructure. This includes roadway,
      highway, railroad, bridges, maritime, and airports
    • Developing designs for new or improved drainage, water collection and distribution systems.
      This includes potable water, stormwater, and sewer
    • Design of wastewater treatment facilities including all necessary piping, pump stations,
      collection, and treatment methods
    • Development of hydrology modeling used to determine water flow within a site
    • Developing efficient grading, piling, and foundation designs
    • Development of renewable energy infrastructure designs